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Free Downloads

This page contains files that are available for free download. These files are pdf, some are copyrighted and some are public domain. They are all used here by permission and are available for your educational and non-commercial use.

Many more projects are in the works so check back. This page is an ongoing work in progress.


Community, Looking at the Possibilities, by Philip Crossan

Free E-Book - PDF 4.7 MB

Community, Looking at the Possibilities, by Philip Crossan, is an in depth discussion based on personal experiences with various communal groups. The topic of community is discussed in a well balanced format taking into consideration that there are various types or forms of community life. Examples are given; ranging from: Messianic, to Anabaptist communities including brief discussions on the Amish, Brethren, Hutterites and others. The author shows how examples of communal efforts are present in the Bible as well as throughout church history. In addition, the focus of the community must be on Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah. He also extends to the reader the call to some form of community. That call is not limited to any one form of community but could range from participation in a close knit fellowship to commune life, and anything in between. A thought provoking and encouraging read.

Download - Community, Looking at the Possibilities

If you prefer a printed version they are available at http://www.crossanpublishing.com/




Shabbat Services Guide

Free PDF 646 KB 

A basic Guide for Messianic Believers and Christians from a Hebraic perspective. This guide covers Erev Shabbat (friday evening), Shabbat service (saturday), and Havdalah (saturday evening).


Download - The Shabbat Services Guide

 The Parashah, Portion – weekly Scripture readings

Free PDF 105 KB


The Parashah is a schedule of Scripture readings. The ancient Parashah is based on the columns of text in the Torah scrolls. One is studied and read each week, as well as for feast-days. Later the writings of the prophets were added to the readings. In this version readings for the Brit Chadashah (New Testament) have been added as well. By following the Parashah an individual will read through the Bible every year.


Download - The Parashah, Portion – weekly Scripture readings


The Didache or The Teaching of The Twelve Apostles, Translated by Tim Sauder

Free E-Book - PDF 142 KB


The Didache is an ancient work claiming to be the teaching of the Apostles, although this cannot be proven it is an interesting piece of literature. The Didache itself does not literally speak against Torah, Sabbath, or feast days. It is mostly a book about behavior within a congregational setting. This version is made free to all and is posted here to help provide a small window into ancient literature.


 Download - The Didache or The Teaching of The Twelve Apostles




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