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Messianic Lifestyles Magazine - Walk About 5-23-2012 - aboutPhilipCrossan
Posted by Philip on August 11, 2012 at 8:19 AM

Originally aired 5/23/2012 on Walkabout, Messianic Lifestyles Magazine

Beth Shalom Congregation – Sugarcreek, Ohio

Philip Crossan, teacher and author, spends an hour with host Susan Hooge, discussing the unique experiences he and his congregation deal with in what is predominantly Amish country. Philip relates a number of outreach stories about himself and others of his congregation when they are invited to share Hebrew Roots understandings to other groups (such as the Amish) who are developing a thirst to return to the origins of scripture. Philip has a passion to bring forward the concept of community, having spent many years living in various types of communities. He relates some of his understandings about community and the function of a community. In his book, “Community, Looking at the Possibilities”, Philip lets us know that his book details so much more about the concept of community than what he mentions in his interview. His easy to read book is freely available as a pdf. download on the congregational website; .